Could Judge Curiel be fair to Trump if his parents were Mexican

The myth that a person can be completely objective when it comes to making important decisions is just that---a myth!  We are always influenced by events we experience in life---our parents, our school, and a thousand other things we seldom notice.  If fact we are all adrift on a sea whose currents we do not control.  One can be assured that when a person comes before Judge Curiel, a person who is threatening to wall off the country of his parents, a person who is running for president against the woman he supports for that office (Hillary Clinton); that these things will factor into his decision no matter how good his intentions are.  That is the world we live in and only an utter fool would ever claim complete objectivity on the part of the judge in the case against Trump University and the Donald.  

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good little La Raza card carrying member.