Illegal Alien Arrested for attempted Assassination of Trump

On June 18, at a Trump rally in Las Vegas, a illegal alien tried to take gun of police officer to shoot Donald Trump.  According to Steven Sanford, the would-be assassin his purpose for going to the rally was for the sole purpose of shooting Trump.  Like thousands of other illegals, this British national had over stayed his visa.  Sanford was reportedly living out of his car and drove from California to Las Vegas for the singular purpose of killing the Republican candidate for the presidency.  Had immigration laws been enforced (something that will never happen under Obama's administration and certainly not a Hillary Clinton one) this youthful wannabe assassin would probably be in Britain today and voting on the "Brexit" issue.  That is a public vote on whether the Brits should leave the European Union.  Of course, one might easily guess which way young Steven would vote.  After all, he illegally stayed in this country, so why would he vote for Britain to leave the European Union, an action that if passed, would make it more difficult for immigrants coming from the South to enter England.
Finally, I should point out that this attempt of Trump's life occurred several days ago, but actually got little attention in the media.  One must wonder how this incident would have been reported if the would-be shooter had been a right wing extremist and the intended target Hillary Clinton!      

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First I'm hearing about this. I'll have to find out more.

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