The shocking myth that "Justice is Blind"

Donald Trump has been soundly condemned from all quarters for daring to imply that the judge handling the Trump University case might not give him a fair shake because that judge was of Mexican heritage and after all, he Trump, is going to build that wall to keep illegal Mexican aliens from coming across our southern borders.  Those on the left were quick to condemn Trump for his words, as were many on the right.  However, it is only fair that we point out that the progressives in this country often, very often call judges and the judicial system in general racist.  But then when they do it, there is no large out cry by those in the media.  Donald is right, justice is not blind and racism does exist among judges.  It is only fair that a judge who belongs to organizations that use the phrase "La Raza", meaning The Race in their name just might be guilty of having a "Mexican in the woodpile"!  The term "Racism" has been so over used that it is as common as sh*t in the toilet bowl and useless to those whose own prejudices call them to regurgitate it far too often.  And to those who insist on using that old saying, "Justice is Blind", maybe the tooth fairy will come next time you lose one of those pearllies!  The fact that Donald Truth might see some racism in the Mexican-American Judge handling his case does not make him the racist; but is perhaps more revealing of the subliminal "monsters from the id" lurking within those hurling the charges.  By Ron Russell
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