White female Trump supporter attacked by Racist Mexicans

Trump had it right when he called some of the illegal visitors from south of the border murderers and rapist.  Now what do you think would have happened to this young lady had the cameras not been running and the police nearby.  We are not just getting illegals who want a better life crossing our border, but the absolute scum of Mexico sneaking into this country in the dead of night.  Scum and thugs  the government of that third world country are more than happy to be rid of.  But scum that is welcomed and protected by those progressives that control sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angles.  It use to be that only a few felt threatened by that occasional Mexican on the street, but as their numbers grow their contempt for Americans is becoming more obvious.  Now they boldly physically attack those who dare oppose their illegal entry into this country, while burning the U.S. flag and waiving that rag displaying the Hawk and Snake; and at the same time taut, jeer, spit on, and actually assault Donald Trump supporters.  Supporters who want nothing more than to protect America from the lawless thugs from the south flooding the streets of our homeland.  At this time, as I see it, there is only one man resisting the barbarians at the gate.  I suppose there could be a better spokesman, but until one steps forward I will continue to support Donald Trump.  At least he says he will stop this run-a-way madness sweeping the streets of a nation under siege. 

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Sandee said...

Yep, welcome to Mexifornia.

Have a fabulous day. ☺