The Sheer Madness of Self-Identification

According to both Loretta Lynch and his highness, Barack Obama, a bearded man with male parts swinging between his legs should be able to enter the Ladies Room if he identifies as a woman while going through the door.  That kind of liberal logic would dictate that a 14 year old who chooses to self-identify as a 21 year old should be able to make his purchase at the local liquor store.  And that a 45 year old who identifies as a 65 year old be able to get social security as well as movie discount tickets.  But wait, progressives would claim the 14 year old would have to show proof proof of age before buying that bottle of whiskey.  Guess that's true, but then shouldn't that bearded interloper entering the women's restroom have to drop his pants to prove his has a vagina!  According to this twisted progressive logic why should Donald Trump have to run for president----he should just self-identify as commander-in-chief and boldly enter the door of the Oval Office.  But then, I suppose he can wait until Jan. 20, 2017!!!

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