Hillary wants to eliminate white coal mining jobs in Appalachia

Not too long ago, Hillary Clinton bragged about helping to shut down many coal companies in West Virginia throwing  Coal Miners, not under the bus, but out of work.  Recently one of these out-of-work miners confronted her about this, and of course being the forked tongued bitch witch she is, she quickly stated that her remarks were taken out of context.  The long and the short of this, is the mere fact that some 95% of Appalachian coal miners are white---had the reverse been true, those in the Obama administration would never have dared shut down these coal companies.  After all blacks are the strength of the Democratic Party, and no self-respecting Democrat would do anything that would threaten that alliance.  So this dust-up is not about the Black Coal, but the increasingly conservative white hands that mine it.  And yes, I am taking a page out of the progressive playbook by playing the race card. 

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Sandee said...

She's not going to get any votes in that area at all. She already stuck both feet in her mouth and could still be understood.

Hillary for prison 2016.

Have a fabulous day. ☺