Voyage to the Planet of the Negroes

After 5 years on a Mars mission 4 cracker astronauts have landed near  the aircraft carrier USS Al Sharpton formally know as the USS Ronald Reagan.  Upon landing these 4 Crackers were taken into custody by the forces of the peoples liberation army and taken to an undisclosed location near the Cuban port of Guantanamo Bay.   Where Cuban revolutionary forces under the command of Fidel and Raoul Castro along with the ghost of Che Guevara will begin the indoctrination of these astronauts before their are relocated to White Reservations  in the southwestern United States.  Reservations strictly designated for white males only.  The negro leaders of the new Black Nation of "Black lives Matter" will determine their ultimate fate!  Things never stay the same and Obama did promise to bring about fundamental change!  Just a little spoof poking fun at that old Charlton Heston movie "Planet of the Apes".  Just thought to mention this as most millennials are not familiar with ancient history.  Come to think of it, the only history they know is the last 10 calls they got on their cell phone!      

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