Progressives waive foreign flags as they welcome home Baby Killers from Nam

American soldiers returning from their tour of duty in Vietnam, were welcomed by the then progressive left, not has heroes but as baby killers.  They young products of our great universities often spat on returning troops and greeted them by waving the same North Vietnamese flag our brave troops fought against in the war.  On this memorial day we celebrate the memory of those who served in Nam and all others wars in which Americans served and died.  But now just as in the days of the Vietnam War, we once again see that same ugliness rearing it's head on college campuses across the nation.  A ugliness that seeks not to understand, but condemn without reason or logic those that disagree with their warped perception of what this nation stands for.  A perception, spurred on, not only by the children of those who spat on our returning veterans while at the same time calling them baby killers and every other vile name;  but by the man who sits in the Oval Office who pretends to love and respect our men and women in uniform while all the time hating the very thing they represent and the nation they serve.  Today, this Memorial Day, few flags honoring those millions who have served will fly above the walls of academia across this nation.  Because to the university elites of today, there is little difference between those they called baby killers back in the late 1960's and those that wear the uniform today.  I'm sorry that the sheer madness that swept across the campus greens during the War in Vietnam is still alive and well.  And the perceived baby killers of that era still walk in the military, if only in the twisted minds of campus elites.  By Ron Russell  

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Sandee said...

And the biggest bitch of all? Jane Fonda. I still hate her.

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