May Day aka Millennial "Free Stuff Day"

Today in May 1, better know as May Day or International Workers Day.   "Workers Day", what a fu*king oxymoron!  Here in America it should be called American non-workers day.  The biggest parades will be in the large cities and near major universities across the nation.  Most demonstrations will be held in the afternoon as those participating will have to recover from their Saturday night beige!  Note the bandannas on the faces of some of the young communist socialist above.  A good indicator they have more than a peaceful demonstration planned.  Wonder if they are planning acts of violence and want to hide their identity from the prying eyes of those CCTV cameras and police on the scene!  At any rate we can expect thousands of these neo-communist to fill the streets today demanding free stuff and calling all Conservative Americans Racist!    

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Sandee said...

If working hard for what I have and now enjoying the fruits of my labor, then I don't care what they call me. I earned the right to what I've earned.

Have a fabulous day. ☺