PETA condemns shooting of Gorilla to save little boy's life

Officials at the Cincinnati Zoo are being strongly condemned today for shooting a rare 400 lb. silver back gorilla named Harambe.  The large ape had grabbed and drug a small young boy several yards after the little toddler had strayed into it's habitat.  Officials were unable to use a tranquilizing dart for fear it would not work quickly enough to keep the great ape from ripping the youngster apart, so lethal force was used and the threatening ape killed.  But as you might suspect many animal rights groups are up in arms over the murder (that's how they see it) of their beloved Harambe.  After all poor Harambe was very rare specimen, whereas millions of little boys are wondering the streets of America.  Yes, the boy's mother shares some of the blame and should be appropriately punished for her inattention to what her child was doing.  That said, the Zoo officials has little choice.  After all what is the most important----the life of a little boy or that of a hairy ape?  Of course, many on the progressive left will fall in line behind behind Harambe, the Gorilla!  I suppose the difference between progressives and conservatives on this issue is that on one would say "shoot the Ape" while the other would say, "Let's wait and see what the Ape does"!  I'll let you decide which is which!

View the below short video and you make the call!   


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Sandee said...

People are over the top. They are completely off the tracks. Got to have their noses in everyone's business.

Have a fabulous day. ☺