Why Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas is seen as the ultimate insult to Progressives

Following the many attacks by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Donald Trump, he began to refer to her as "Pocahontas".  Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Potwhatan of the Tsenacommacah tribe in Virginia and according to legend she saved the life of John Smith.  Later she would marry Virginia tobacco planter John Rolfe.  Trump is using Pocahontas, in describing Senator Warren because of her past claim to be a native American.  And using that claim to get special treatment when applying to Harvard University.  What gets liberals so mad when Trump uses the phrase "Pocahontas" is that she more so than any other Native American is despised by the left.  You see, Pocahontas committed the unforgivable sin of saving a white man and then some years later marrying another.  And to compare this treasonous Indian princess with their beloved Elizabeth Warren is seen as the ultimate insult not only to progressives but  to women as well.    

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Sandee said...

Some of the left are completely off the rails. Bless their hearts.

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