Louisiasa to make killing a Cop a Hate Crime

While the city of San Francisco has reconfirmed it's sanctuary city status allowing criminals from south of the border to freely walk the streets of the City by the Bay, the state of Louisiana could become the first state to pass a law that would make it a hate crime to kill a cop or other first responders.  And just to think many people in this country think those in California are smarter and better educated than people in other parts of the country.  Guess it's not how much you learn in school, but rather what you learn.  

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Sandee said...

You'd be surprised at how uneducated most of California is. It's a welfare state. It's and anything goes state so it attracts a lot of less than desirable people. The elite live on the coast in their gated communities and don't have a clue, nor do they care about the rest of the state. They decide what the rest of us get or don't get.

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