42 Yr-old Mom Gets Completely Naked & Does Something Disturbing With 3 Young Boys

A 42 year-old mother in California is now being charged with having sex with three high school football players. Debbie Fletcher has been arrested on four counts of rape and has just posted bail. This happened in Mount Shasta, California… the investigation began in September of last year. She evidently had encounters with the three boys over several weeks. 

All of this began with a team photography session that Fletcher attended. She’s a dental hygienist (no crass jokes please) and was busted after a months-long investigation into her extracurricular activities. On Feb. 28th, Fletcher was arrested for the four counts of rape (two counts for two victims and two counts for one other victim), as well as one count of dissuading a witness or victim. She reportedly tried to “silence” at least one of the victims. Wow, she really dug a hole for herself. 

A 42-year-old California woman has been arrested for allegedly having sex with three high school football players. 

Mary Frances Fletcher, also known as Debbie Fletcher, was arrested Tuesday on charges of unlawful sexual intercourse after being accused of having sex with three players from the Mount Shasta High School football team after meeting the minors while working with a team photographer, Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey told The Post.   More.....

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