Latest Issue 'Poor Me' Magazine, Trump-Comey Edition

Poor Me is a magazine dedicated to people who see themselves as victims. Read the new Trump-Comey edition - their thickest issue to date. 
Challenges of being a drama queen in the age of Trump. Experts: "Competition is fierce.


     March against fascism ends with 400,000 fewer deaths than expected 
     Hillary to victims: "poison the wells, scorch the earth"
     Kathy Griffin: From woke to broke in one easy step 
     Top 10 methods to make the world feel guilty and apologize
     LeBron James needs a day without white people: "No matter how            much money I have, I'm still as paranoid as a homeless drug addict" 
     Is everything Trump's fault? Ask an expert! 

EXCLUSIVE - Closed session: Comey, 56, demonstrates on doll where he feared Trump was going to touch him 
The Next Big Thing: COVFEFE 
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