McDonalds Replaces Cashiers With Automated Machines – Liberals HATE What’s Happening Now

Liberals have been pushing for businesses like McDonald’s and Walmart to pay a “living wage” for their employees — usually around $15/hour. But as they have no understanding of basic economics, they also don’t understand what the consequences would be. But if they didn’t before, they will now — McDonald’s has begun replacing their cashiers with automated kiosks, and they’ve had stellar results so far. 

McDonald’s announced that they would be replacing counter employees with the kiosks in 2,500 stores — and their stock shares almost immediately skyrocketed. And according to Andrew Charles, a research analyst with the financial services firm Crowen, it’s because of the kiosks.  Read more.....

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Sandee said...

Well, what did they expect? Good grief.

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