Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff unmasks Trump-Russian spy scandal

WASHINGTON AC/DC -- The senior congressman, a co-chair of the House Investigating Committee from California's 28th District, met reporters in Congress' rotunda to deliver this statement: 

We are investigating the Trump campaign's secret collusion with Vladimir Putin and Lavrentiy Beria. We have overwhelming evidence from all 17 intelligence agencies still being headed by Barack Obama, that Donald Trump, the so-called unelected president of the United States, is actually a Russian secret agent code-named "I Spy." 

We now know as a fact from the Washington Post's anonymous sources that the Russians forced 63 million Americans and possibly 3 million Mexican illegals in Tijuana during the last eight years to pull the levers to vote 1042 Democrat legislators out of office, as well as 71 congressmen and senators, and 13 governors. Their diabolic conspiracy has left us with only 17 out of 50 states governed by Democrats. They unfairly took over 95% of America's voting districts and undermined a really smart, responsible, and physically fit presidential candidate who was never a drunkard, never fell on her head, never had buckling knees or inexplicable epileptic fits, and never took a bribe in her entire life, I swear. It was HER TIME, it was our time, not theirs. She deserved to be president.  More...

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