Should a liberal gun control activist have a Navy warship named after her?

Hillary Clinton plans to attend the launching ceremony of a warship. And not just any warship, but the USS Gabrielle Giffords, named for the liberal congresswoman who was shot in the head. For Hillary, every decision is still about wimmen and grrrls. But her decision raises the larger question about whether it is appropriate to name a warship after Giffords. After all, Giffords was viewed as a helpless victim. That doesn't make for a very intimidating name for a warship. Giffords is called a hero because she survived. Does surviving make her a hero? I think surviving makes her a survivor. I think Giffords would have been a hero if she had been shot while doing something heroic. But Giffords was just giving a liberal speech. In the aftermath of the shooting, Giffords became the poster girl for gun control. She claims that if the law had forced her to be defenseless, then the man who shot her would also have been unable to own a gun. What we have seen with gun control laws is the opposite, of course: the criminals ignore such laws while the law-abiding leave themselves open to being targets for a massacre.  More.....

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