The Liberal Misinformation War on America

This book breaks down exactly how liberal policies destroyed the housing market, bankrupted the auto industry, and needlessly stripped America of its energy independence. It also sets the record straight on a number of issues, such as how Democrats appeased North Korea as it went nuclear, installed Iran's lunatic fundamentalist regime, and unmistakably caused 9/11. The facts consistently demonstrate that liberals are the problem, not the solution. Yet because their tired, backwards ideas of punishing success, rewarding failure, and surrendering abroad cannot compete on a level playing field, they must constantly invent partisan scandals, fear-monger, and utterly misinform the public to get elected. They exploit race, provoke class warfare, and trample the Constitution at every turn. And when they are not railroading crippling socialist pork scams through Congress, they are imposing historic, crushing tax hikes on those who create all the jobs.


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