It's time to put out a "Contract on the Government"!

Throughout the entirety of human history empires and whole societies have risen and fallen and almost all of them, from the Romans to the Soviets, had one thing in common: those empires fell because they ran out of money. Presently, 21st Century America is reaching the same tipping point that brought down the Soviet Union. For decades, the United States federal government has spent more than it takes in offering domestic welfare, foreign welfare, pet projects for politicians of both major parties and paying for undeclared wars all over the globe. It is time for Americans to stand up and take control of the out-of-control government. The Contract On The Government from award winning author Tommy Scott Hudson offers the roadmap to preserving the union based on the concept of “Washingtonian Constitutionalism.” Written in a no-nonsense, non-politically correct, irreverent style, this book will make you angry and will make you realize it is time to put out a Contract On The Government !


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