Escape to Freedom the Book

It is rare for me. these days to take the time to read a book, but Escape to Freedom by A.J. Reissig was the exception. I just couldn't put the damn thing down once I got into it. This book is a real political thriller and I can highly recommend it. Below is a great synopsis.

"In 2049, the world has become a different place. China has surpassed the United States as the world's major superpower; Europe is in economic shambles, and Germany considers leaving the European Union as protest against bailing out the EU multiple times. The United States has changed as well. The President is a cold, ruthless man intent on ruling the world under his One World Government concept. The rights and freedoms of individuals have been suppressed, taxation has become oppressive, and the economy is in shambles. Unions force individuals to become members, only to line the pockets of the union executives. Small businesses are almost nonexistent due to government red tape and crony capitalism. In the South, a small coalition of politicians, intent on returning liberty, begin to talk of a revolt against the federal government. Kirk Dillon is a retired Army officer turned writer living with his high school age son in a small town east of Cincinnati. Kirk has spent his life standing up for liberty and freedom, only to become disgusted at what has become of his once great nation. When Kirk's son is taken by the national police for "reeducation", Kirk swings into action. Accompanied by his longtime friend Matt Pickett, Kirk rescues his son. Pursued relentlessly by the national police, the trio embark on a perilous journey south in an effort to escape to freedom."

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