Serpent: A Washburn Chronicles Nove

From the imagination of an inspired Citizen, an American Patriot, Author ... Ron Darling has captured the imagination of a nation. Bringing us joy and pain through the depths of a torturous, yet strengthening, and heart-wrenching tale. He has created a heavyhearted guardian for the nation's soul. A soldier who will face evil of all heights of terrorism. Nick Washburn, like his fathers before him, will give all for America. He is "that guy" our nation's enemies do not anticipate, that guy who will fight to the death to save those in danger. A man who is bound at the heart and through DNA to the foundations of this great country, and will stop at nothing to defend it. You'll be his shadow and follow him accross the battlefield as he and his team take down a terrorist group bent on destroying all of America. You'll witness the strength of every day Americans as they do their part to help stop the threat. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and at the end you'll be glad to know Nick lives on to fight another day. Serpent: A Washburn Chronicles Novel


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