The Cheapest Way to deal with Illegal Alien Criminals

You can’t deny those Texans. The whole scene ... motorcycle, a back pack, the policeman, motorcycle helmet, and the other three all in the same photo! Three armed felons crossed the US border and attempted to rob an off-duty El Paso police officer dressed in civilian clothes while he stood in front of a bank. The plan was for two of them to grab his backpack and toss it to an accomplice on a stolen motorcycle. However, the well prepared police officer shot all of them, killing two immediately. The third was shot in both arms and bled to death before the ambulance arrived. This is how much the US Taxpayer would have had to pay to prosecute these thugs:
Arrest and detention for 1 night = $6,000
Transportation for deportation back to Mexico the next day = $1,000
Air time for Obama to apologize in 30 minute speech = $25,007,000
What it actually cost: ·
Four .40 rounds = $1.00 Taxpayer savings = $25,006,999.00!
Apparently they picked the wrong man to rob this time. And there won't be a next time! THE AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME FOR A 911 CALL IS 4 MINUTES. THE AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME FOR A ..40 S&W ROUND IS ABOUT 1200 FEET PER SECOND. What a great step towards balancing the budget!

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