Clinging to their Guns, Bibles and Family--Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show that follows a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving duck call and decoy business while staying true to their family values. What Patriarch Phil Robertson would tell you is that family works best when people follow God’s design for it. That means that, at least for the Robertsons, their faith in Jesus guides them on how they should structure their home life. Many believe the big drawing card for Duck Dynasty is its emphasis on family. Almost every episode has a “plot” that revolves around family relationships and the natural tension they create in life. Whether it be sibling, marital, or parental, these relationships play out before our eyes where people act surprisingly decent and respectful. The Robertson family has shown that even though they are outrageous, unpredictable and quirky they’re also god fearing, family oriented and they believe in their guns.  Duck Dynasty: Family, God and Guns


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