Parents ‘Donating’ Their Children To Terrorist Group To Be Suicide Bombers

Nigerian families are donating their children to Boko Haram to be turned into suicide bombers. I can’t even conceive of someone doing that. It’s just downright evil. They claim it is to fight Nigeria’s military. Arguably, Boko Haram is more deadly and more fanatical than even ISIS is. This is the group that kidnapped a bunch of Nigerian school girls in 2014. 276 of them. Even now, many have not been released. A lot of them are dead. All it did here in the US was to cause leftists like Michelle Obama to create a hashtag campaign called “Bring Back Our Girls.” Yeah, that helped sooo much. Not.

Many of the girls taken were sold for $12 to Boko Haram fighters as sex slaves. They were raped until they conceived children for the Jihadists. Those children in turn are turned into terrorists and so it goes. Using little girls as suicide bombers is on the rise. They are expendable there and sacrificed for Allah.

Nigerian families are reportedly willingly handing over their children to the terrorist group Boko Haram in order to allow children to be turned into suicide bombers against Nigeria’s military, according to Nigerian military officials, the Daily Caller reported.   

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