Former President Obama begins ground breaking ceremony to remove Confederate remains from Arlington

Following the decapitation of the most hated President, Donald Trump, the new People's Government of the United Socialist States of America USSA has mandated the removal of some 500 racist human remains from section 16 in the Arlington National Cemetery.  The huge confederate memorial on that site has already been removed and destroyed.  Former President Barack Obama, has been given the honor of beginning the ground breaking ceremony.  The new national government which is dominated by BLM and Antifa members is now considering the destruction of both the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial----both of which are symbols of America's racist past.  Furthermore, all history books referring to any Southern victories in the Civil War will be burned along with any films such as 'Gone with the Wind' that promote racism.  Additionally, in the future, to atone for past sins all white men are to be relegated to the back of the bus and have all their property seized by the state in order to pay reparations to the Black Man.

Help us save not just Confederate Monuments, but all historical monuments across American that are under attack by the left by clicking HERE!

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