BLM Caught Red-Handed Fabricating ‘Hate Crime’ Story With Suicide Photos

Remember how Black Lives Matter makes big deals out of tiny thingies? I remembers (see Deray of BlackLivesMatter Thinks a Character in ‘Planet of the Apes’ is Him and High School Receives Hateful ‘KKK’ Threats. Sent by a Black Teen?!). They’re on a quest to discredit themselves. In fact, one might say the biggest problem for Black Lives Matter right now is self-harm. Stop hitting yourself. 

The latest Black Lives Matter controversy is around them sharing photos of a suicide victim. ‘Cause that’s compassionate. Black Lives Matter Minneapolis has apologized on its Facebook page after sharing photos of a man who officials say hanged himself in a city park. The narrative being pushed here was that this man was the sufferer of a hate crime. 

Turned out to be not so. Oopsie. The post had sparked social media speculation that the man in the photo was black and that his hands were tied behind his back. Michael Bringle was white. The post has been shared thousands of times. On the group’s page Tuesday night, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis says it retracted its earlier statements after “more information came out  Mr.Bringle’s family came forward.” The group says “it became clear that this was an unfortunate incident caused by mental illness.” Bringle’s sister, Kelly Brown-Rozowski, said at a press conference that her brother should be remembered as a kind person and the rumors only compounded their tragedy. 

With all these examples of fabricated racism, one wonders if real racism is actually a problem. There’s a lot of reaching going on. There’s waaaay more actual evidence – not just hastily typed Facebook posts – of other issues in America, like human trafficking, gang violence, or even culturally appropriated burritos (see White Women Driven Out of Business for ‘Cultural Appropriation.’ They Make Burritos…). But hey, points for creativity. 

We will give them kudos for apologizing, even if the apology was laced with self-righteousness.  Thanks to Louder with Crowder

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BLM is a bunch of thugs. That's all they are. Terrorists.

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