Charlottesville Will Help Media Whitewash Antifa Thugs

Thanks to the maniac James Alex Fields — who did immeasurable damage to his own cause — the media will find it easier to portray Antifa thugs as the forces of righteousness. Alt-righters came to Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, which signifies more of our culture and history forcibly stuffed down the Memory Hole in the name of political correctness. In contrast, anarchist types came specifically to provoke or inflict violence. That is the point of Antifa — which the liberal media was glorifying even before the tragic events of August 12:

It was one thing when bottle-throwing Moldylocks went cruising for a bruising with her weighted sap glove and scalping knife and got punched in the nose. Now someone has actually been killed. This is Christmas in August for the Left in general, but particularly for Antifa, whose media admirers can more easily portray them as noble victims. No matter who got hurt, whatever violence occurred was going to be spun to discredit the right-wing protesters. The mildly paranoid might even suspect that this had something to do with the police standing down, as confirmed by the ACLU, as the mayhem mounted. Police follow orders.  Read more.....

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