AMAZING: The new folding five round hand gun that will FIT IN YOUR WALLET

A very unique firearms manufacturer has designed a folding handgun that can pack just enough wallop to make a difference, despite being able to fit right inside an average wallet. The tiny pistol, which can hold five .22 rounds, can be rounded out to about the same dimensions as a simple stack of credit cards.
So, who’s buying?
The Lifecard.22LR, which is being slung on the slogan ‘the last gun you’ll leave behind’, weighs just seven ounces (198g), coming out to less than even a Big Mac. The company behind the gun, cleverly called Trailblazer Firearms, is said to have been constructing the LifeCard for the past seven years.
The North Carolina listed off the specs that this little shooter holds and those include a steel barrel, bolt and trigger, along with some extra ammo storage for four more shots. You will be able to fold it up to 3.375 inch (8.6 cm) by 2.215 inch (5.6 cm) card that takes it to a half inch thickness.
The pricing for per unit will go for $399 in the U.S., apart from California and Massachusetts who of course love Socialism, through various distributors, including Ellett Brothers and Jerry’s Sport Center. The first round of units will be out on the market come the middle of August.
Trailblazer president Aaron Voigt, who has experience serving in both the Marine Corps and the US Army, explained his product:  Read more.....

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