Hillay finds herself in a "Catch 22" on Personal Health Issue

Hillary Clinton is facing a "Catch 22" following her appearance at the 9/11 Memorial yesterday, where she was staggering and on the verge of passing out, or actually passing out in the Van as it swished her away from the scene.  Quite obviously the lady from Chappaqua has been having some health issues for the last year.  Issues that an obliging staff and an (in the tank) media has tried to minimize.
Hillard did manage to escape a federal indictment in her email scandal, despite her aversion to telling the truth when asked about events surrounding the FBI's investigation. These, and there is no polite way to say it, lies have enforced and codified the believe held by most, that Hillary has a serious "forked tongue" problem.  And now with the majority of the country believing that Hillary is less than truthful, she is asking us to accept her word and that of her self-appointed doctor about her medical condition.  With her trustworthiness at an all time low, does she really expect anyone (other than her hard-core supporters) to believe her.  Hillary has created a Catch 22 (a condition preventing a resolution of a problem).  It's no longer about the BleachBit and BlackBerry busting hammers, but of the non-stop flow of lies coming from "Herself", the queen of Chappaqua.  Hillary is now facing a dire situation---should she tell the truth about her health, few will believe her; and should she lie (because of her past history) no one will believe her either.  A real "CATCH 22"!  

Don't mean to be disrespectful 
and we do wish Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery 
whatever her ailment my be.  
But remember she is running for President 
and politics ain't beanbag!


Sandee said...

There is something seriously wrong with her. She's been acting weird for quite some time now.

Have a fabulous day Ron. ☺

Stogie said...

This is the strangest presidential election in my lifetime. I suspect Hillary will use her illness to avoid the debates with Trump.