Hillary avoiding email and rumored to be using Carrier Pigeons

Numerous reliable reports are coming in that Hillary Clinton has developed a severe case of emailphobia and is now using large numbers of carrier pigeons for her most secret communication with the Obama White House and numerous other unsavory characters in her inner circle.  The feeling in the Clinton camp is there is no possible way to hack into these secretive documents by using this dated, but time-proven means of communication.

However, it should be noted that some low-flying helicopter pilots  in New York City have reported seeing some unusual cages atop Trump Tower.  After a closer inspection, these pilots observed the cages to be filled with what looked like Peregrine Falcons.  Birds of Prey, considered to be a pigeon's worst enemy.  As of this time Trump as not commented on this ominous development! 


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Where is Chappaaqua?