Democrat Politicians want to create a colorless, sexless, faceless society of dependent Robots

Until Democrats achieve their goal of creating a society of colorless, sexless, faceless robots who see government as their god, they will continue to demand those safe places on the campus and try to silence the voices of anyone who dares  disagree with their Utopian madness.  Heck, when you stop and seriously reflect on what progressives want:  no black or white people---just shades of grey, no male or female images or words---a gender neutral society, and of course no God---just a secular state, that will not tolerated any forms of traditional religion.  Modern day progressives would admit to this should you put their feet to the fire.  But for the moment they are content with just putting their noses under the tent.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Sandee said...

The democratic party has turned into a corrupt cesspool. I don't care for most of them anymore.

Have a fabulous day. ☺