Trumpite Meteor threatens to destroy Clintosaurus E.L.E. looming

Extinction Level Event looms as massive Trumpite Meteor heads toward rust belt.  The demise of The Clintosaurus is imminent.  Trumpite is expected to strike the northern part of the United States in the immediate vicinity of Chappaqua, NY on November 8, 2016 at approximately 9PM EDT.  However some left leaning skeptics  scoff at this prediction and declare it to be nothing but a hoax generated by a vast right wing conspiracy designed to terrify the general public!  Meanwhile across the country certain groups are preparing for the worse. At this time globalist, multi-culturalist, Washington elites, hedge fund managers, open border advocates, and Liberal Democrats have been seen digging fallout shelters just as a precautionary measure against what they see as possible destruction to their  elitist  fiefdoms!            

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