Obama has released over 6000 Convicted Felons

Why is Obama so concerned about those behind bars?  Not just those at GITMO, but those in federal prisons across the nation.  The administration is in the process of releasing over 6000 convicted felons.  A large part, that will continue the criminal behavior that sent them to jail in the first place.  And does anyone really believe that none of these 6000 will commit a crime that would result in grave injury or even death to a honest law-abiding citizen. This alone should assure these convicts remain behind bars until their time is served.
And less we forget, Obama doesn't have to concern himself with crime on the street.  After all, he always has and always will have Secret Service protection until the day he dies.  Also little wonder he would like to take our guns.  How would he react if the Secret Service members around him were forced to give up their weapons.  Perhaps then, he would start packing!   
 Obama to free over 6000 convicted felons

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Sandee said...

They deserve that protection and we don't. They are the elite, the one percent they are harping about all the time.

Have a fabulous day. ☺