BFF (Best F***ing Friend) of Millennials

Bet you can't find a millennial that's not clued to his electronic BFF, his smart phone.  A friend that never lets him down unless separated from that all important power port for too long.  A port that's powered by that awful fossil fuel, coal in most cases.  This device is also fitted with an all important camera---something the narcissistic youth of today cannot do without.  After all what self-respecting youthful Bernie Sander's supporter could live without that 'selfie'---the image that shows their friends just how important they are.  Oh, and let's we forget, this constant companion in the vast majority of cases, is paid for by loving parents who gladly pay that often absorbent cost of that miraculous wonder of science in hope their beloved child will be so thoughtful as to give them a least one call each month.    

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Sandee said...

Some kids have it together, but I've noticed that many believe that the world owes them whatever they want. Different than when I came of age.

Have a fabulous day. ☺