Delights of being a Sexual Pervert in the land of Transgender Restrooms

In many states and cities Perverts as well as convicted pedophiles are now able to experience the sexual delights offered at their local Transgender Restrooms without fear of prosecution by authorities.  For the first time in the nations history they have legally been given the right to view both little girls as well as young boys while they are relieving themselves in the new transgender toilets across the country.  One can only speculate as to the unintended consequences of these progressive laws.  Will restroom rapes increase, will children be effected by seeing a grown man getting aroused while they engage in that necessary bodily function?  But then why should those progressive law-makers really give a crap---after all the little ones cannot vote.  On the other hand those activist in the LGBT community have great influence with one of America's largest political parties----the Democrat Party.  That party is becoming the party of Pedophiles, Perverts, Public welfare recipients, Public unions, Criminals, Illegal aliens, Socialist and most of the hate America groups!  The new progressives, who now control the party of Jefferson and Jackson would tear down America and put us on the road to chaos.  A chaos, that in the end, would lead to violent revolution.  A Revolution with no predictable outcome.  But a revolution that would weaken this nation and embolden our enemies around the world.  So this is not just about transgender restrooms, but the ultimate fate of the country!  

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Sandee said...

If they have transgender restrooms then I want a women's restroom. Thank you very much.

Have a fabulous day. ☺