Sander Supporters: Dreamers and Fools

Occasionally the perfect Presidential Candidate comes to the University Campus.  That candidate that captures the hearts and minds of the young impressible millennials, that is when they can manage to detach themselves from their life-support system---their cell phone.  That constant companion, the one that almost always agrees with them.  A companion that allows them to block out anyone who has opposing views.  In effect, that safe space they all seem to be seeking.  That Utopia that exist only as long as their thumbs are dancing across the keyboard and quickly vanishes when they are separated from their BFF.   Little wonder they love Bernie for he is little more than that device attached to their hand.  Just like that electronic wonder, he offers a land that doesn't exist and never will.  What Bernie is offering is one like Gulliver found in the Country of the Houyhnhnm's,  that mythical Shangri-La found only in the minds of dreamers and fools!     

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Sandee said...

They will have a rude awakening. They always do and when they do much of their productive lives will be behind them. That's the scary part.

Have a fabulous day. ☺