Girls Locker Rooms gone Wild

Remember those days in the not too distant past when some boy would disguise himself and sneak into the girls locker room.  In most cases only to be discovered and suspended from school.  Well times have certainly changed due to federal court mandates.  Today that same young man can buy a wig, a dress and  some high heels, and have that grand tour of that local high school locker room without fear of punishment.  Actually should any school official challenge him, it is they who will be in legal trouble as well as being labeled homophobic!  

We would be remiss if we failed to mention that in one small mid western town store clerks have noticed a sharp spike in the number of young men buying wigs and dresses.  Furthermore it should be noted that shoe stores have had to place special orders for size 12 high heel shoes.

Of course, this is pure satire, and I fully recognize that true transgenders pose no threat to the female population of the locker room.  In fact, they are about as threatening to young virgins as a Eunuch in the Sultan's Harem.  It is those straight young voyeurs whose hormones might get the best of them at the mere sight of all those nubile Lolita's.  Herein lies the rub.       

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Sandee said...

One college already doesn't have transgender showers anymore. Too many guys coming in to film the gals taking showers. Idiots.

Have a fabulous day. ☺