The Origin of Hump Day

We all know that Wednesday has become known as Hump Day.  And of course that comes from the expression getting "over the hump".   But few know the origin of that saying.  The term originated during World War II, where Allied Pilots were forced to fly from bases in India over the Himalayas (the hump of the world) on bombing runs against Japanese bases in Burma.  Getting over the hump was a feat unto itself, not to mention dodging the Japanese fighter planes laying in wait on the other side.  Those poor fliers of the WWII era would be shocked to see how that term is used today.  Today those  high foreboding  Himalayas have been reduced to a mere anthill that is so difficult for modern man to cross.  So difficult that he has coined the phrase "Hump Day" to signify some grand victory by making it over half way through the week!  In short we have gone from real men to pussies!   

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Sandee said...

I didn't know this piece of history. Very interesting.

Have a fabulous day. ☺