The Seed of Zapata has taken Root in America

Who was Zapata you may ask?  Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary whose story inspired American novelist John Steinbeck to write the screenplay for the movie Viva Zapata.  Steinbeck wrote many novels, and won the Nobel prize for literature.  He was a believer in the Russian Revolution that swept the Marxist to power in the old USSR.  It should be pointed out, just like socialist Bernie Sanders, he made several trips to Russia to see for himself the wonders of the faux Utopian society---the brainchild of Karl Marx.  But one should pause and be aware that one man's Utopia is another man's Hell.  Something that is often forgotten by today's left.  After all, Revolution is but a leap to that mythical Utopia or into the abyss.  America is once again on the path to revolution because the seed of Zapata has taken root in the country.  Onrushing events will either sweep away the old order and give us that grand Utopia promised by the neo-socialist, or strengthen the backbone of the nation!  #MAGA  

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Kismet said...

Let the socialiats go and have their society. Try it out first. Go to Venezuela to see.