Mexican Smugglers Flooding California with Massive Numbers of Plastic Straws

The law of unintended consequences has struck again, as violence increases in Mexico as cartels fight over control of the lucrative plastic straw market.  As more and more cities are following the lead of San Francisco,  in the soon to be strawless state of California,  the cartels are wasting no time in smuggling vast quantities of what many progressives believe to be the biggest threat to the environment---the PLASTIC STRAW.

Strange as it may seem, it wasn't too many years ago when environmental activist protested against the paper bag believing it to be a cause of deforestation.  Going so far as driving nails in trees to damage chainsaws and perching up in the trees to prevent them from being cut.  The word "tree-hugger" came from that movement.  The movement was successful for a time and the stores and shops stopped using paper and we witnessed the birth of the plastic bag.  The Eco-movement has now come full circle with plastic being the enemy and paper is seen as environmentally friendly.  I am reminded of a law of physics "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".  Seems to fit, doesn't it?       

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Kismet said...

No plastic straws? How are the gov't personnel supposed to snort their cocaine?