Twitter and Facebook Target Conservatives with such methods as 'Shadow Banning'

Just a few days ago after complaints by numerous conservative leaders the Twitter method of Shadow Banning  Twitter did admit this did exist and they would correct the problem.  And just today Facebook announced the foreign operators were again attempting to interfere in the upcoming off year elections this fall.  What does seem strange is that when Twitter and Facebook efforts to undermine conservatives and is only stopped after the injured parties vigorously protest---then and only then will they admit what they simply call a mistake.  While on the other hand Facebook quickly discovered what is believed to be foreign influence in an attempt to influence the outcome of elections this fall.  Of course Twitter and Facebook both hot beds of left wing activities will do all in their power to advance the left's cry of "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA"!   Damn, why am I not surprised!  


Sandee said...

Russia, Russia, Russia really isn't working anymore. The left is a joke.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺

Kismet said...

Yeah, but it is a woke joke.