Not only are the Streets of San Francisco Polluted, but now it the Ballot Box too!

The city by the Bay is now giving non-citizens the right to vote in some local elections.  Should this issue end up at the Supreme Court it will probably be over-turned, but until that time it will be the law in Frisco.  Damn, at first illegals are issued a 'get out of jail free card' and now a voter registration card.  However, I suppose there is something positive coming from this California madness, the nutty progressives there have turned the Golden State into a giant magnet that is sucking illegals to it's borders with the promises of free stuff, criminal immunity, voting rights and free passage from their native sh*thole countries.. 

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Kismet said...

They'd register the street lights to vote but then the lights would be eligible to run for office and they don't want that. The lights are brighter than they are.