Gun Free Zones and FBI failures provide Crazy People with Target Rich Environment at Public Schools

No longer do insane gun owners have to pay to visit the local gun range.  Local governments across the nation have provided them with thousands of 'Guns Free Zones' with an abundance of moving targets.  It is a myth that these crazies support the 2nd Amendment.  In fact, it is their worse nightmare.  After all it provides those would be law-abiding targets the ability to shoot back.  While they, on the other hand, can get that AR-15 illegally.   
My solution to the school shootings problem is actually quite simple.  Harden our schools (perhaps with a tall fence), require each facility have only a single entrance and place a armed security guard at it.  We protect our political leaders at courts and city halls across the nation, but sadly neglect our most precious people---our kids!  

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Sandee said...

Gun Free Zones and an invitation. So very sad.

Have a fabulous day. ☺