Motto Broward Co. Sheriff's Dept: "Better a live Coward than a Dead Hero"

Following the school shooting in Florida, we all were almost immediately treated to a news conference where Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was quick to point out the heroic efforts of his officers who were first on the scene while the school shooting was still in progress.  However, it has just been revealed that officers from a nearby department, Coral Springs, reported seeing Broward County Deputies crouching behind their vehicles when they arrived.  Not a single one had entered the school.  Perhaps Sheriff Israel has some unwritten motto for those serving under him:  "Better a Live Coward, than a Dead Hero"!  Guess that's what the sheriff was praising his men for.  It's so damn sad that why some brave teachers inside the school were literally throwing themselves in the line of the shooter's fire to protect their students, cowardly officers from the Broward County Sheriff's Dept, were hiding behind that cars outside the school.  Let's arm the teachers who wish to arm themselves.  
It should be noted, that officers from the Coral Springs Police Dept did immediately enter the school seeking to engage the deranged shooter.  We do support our honest and brave police, but deplore those cowards who dare to dishonor the uniform they wear.  The four cowards should be fired and Sheriff Israel removed from office. 

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