Mysterious Men in Black spotted outside California Pot Shops

Following a declaration my Attorney General Jeff Sessions that a 1970 federal law making the possession of marijuana a crime will now be enforced many California "Pot" Store patrons have reported seeing mysterious men in black photographing those entering and leaving the states newly opened Cannabis shops.  Former pot-smoking President had suspended enforcement of the 1970 regulation.  

And what could be a related event, sources have confirmed that the number of ICE agents in the state has doubled.  Many on the left are now fearing that 'Dreamer' illegals my be subject to arrest and deportation for the possession of a controlled substance.  Could it just be the California munchies-inducing stores have provided a backdoor avenue to bypass that states new sanctuary laws?  The 'Law of Unintended Consequences' can be a bitch!!!     

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Your tax dollars at work