Trump's SOTU Speech on Steroids

Thanks to Stilton's Place
We all know, by this time, that our 45th President is a man that speaks his mind.  We have no idea what Donald may say at his SOTU speech.  However, the above image captions, I suspect reflect what Trump will be thinking as he looks out at those gathered in the House chambers.

Just today, one day before President Trump's SOTU I saw interviews with several NYU students about what Trump said in his speech that has yet to occur.  And as you may expect they all marched in lock-step to the tune laid down by their minders from the faculty lounge at one of America's foremost indoctrination centers, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY.


Sandee said...

He's doing a great job. It's irritating the left to no end too. I like that.

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Have a great day. ☺

Kismet said...

Nancy Pelousy was first to exit.