Obama is a One-eyed Jack to some, but I know the other side of his face

I generally, like to poke fun at this  occupant of the White House thinking like most that this is only another president and that things will change after the next election. But I'm beginning to face the stark reality that this maniac, this madman, could in just a few years destroy what its taken this country hundreds of years to build. I suppose the final straw for me was the new health care plan. Obama with his twisted understanding of history and his alien social and economic ideals, many of which he learned from the years he spent in the pews of Pastor Wright's church; will in the end not only change this country, as he has promised, but will destroy the very fabric of this great nation. He plan represents a threat far more formidable than any invading army could mount. Great nations generally fall from within, their fate sealed by the common masses who fail to see or understand the onrushing events. Events that are obvious to a few and invisible to the many. Such is the position we find ourselves in now. This man, this misguided fool, must be stopped. I beg, I plead, I pray that each of you raise the alarm---the enemy is not at the gates, but in the house; its not the Russians, its not the terrorist, its not the Iranians--its a charming, likable, young man who wants change. Unfortunately, its a change that will destroy this nation and its way of life. All despots think theirs in the road to greatness for their people's and this leader is no different. No doubt about it, he is a leader and his followers love and adore him and they wait with eager anticipation for his next words and the next words will come and flow over the masses and they believe. They compare him to past great leaders and look to him to provide them with a better life. He promises more and more and the people believe and revel in the changes he trumpets. Changes that will give birth to a new nation, changes for a new millennium. A casting aside of the old order and the establishment of a new utopian-like society where all the needs of the common man will be met. He tells the masses that our problems are so great that only government can solve them and he will lead us to greatness again. His vision of American is a dark one, remember he sat in Pastor Wright's pews for years and was completely indoctrinated by his message of an "evil and corrupt" nation. He disavowed him when it suited his purpose, but gradually we are seeing his true feeling about the Pastor's teachings emerge. Obama, in the end will reveal himself, but by that time it may be too late for this great nation to recover. Help me reveal, help me expose the other face of this "One-eyed Jack".

by Ron Russell
Footnote: Some may see something in my choosing the Jack of Spades instead of the Jack of Diamonds for the above image. I choose the Spade because its symbolic of his burying the country in Debt, of course for those on the left they will see something else. I see a spade as a digging tool or just a card, they see a spade as a symbol of racism---then so be it.  I cannot control what others think!.



Sandee said...

You couldn't be any more mean about this president (and I use the term lightly) than the left was about Bush. Horrific things were said and done when he was president.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It all started with the "Great Society" under Johnson and spread like wildfire when people found out they could get something for nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Obama Voter.