One Benefit of rasing the Minimum Wage

I suppose there are many benefits to raising the minimum wage, but the one that jumps out at me is the cost of the fast food.  After all guys how many times have you been accused by your girl friend or wife of being a cheap-skate simply because you took them out to eat at McDonald's or some other fast food place.  I the minimum wage is raised to some $15 an  hours those times will be in the rear view mirror.  No longer will you be accused of being a cheap skate because now that Big Mac and fries will be as costly as that T-bone at the Steak House. And there is another benefit to the minimum wage, with the price of burgers and fries going through the roof all those trips to the Burger King and other fast food places will have to be cut, thereby cutting back on all those dangerous calories.  In the Post Minimum Wage world one must leave the house with a carrot in pocket because that trip to the Wendy's will be far too costly for the average worker.  Yes, the minimum wage may be good for some but for many more it will mean a change in life-style.  And honestly, do you think that fast food companies can survive when having to pay a $15 minimum wage.  Unfortunately many who are cheering this on, may be disappointed when it passes because they may very well find themselves without a job.
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