Arkansas Windows and Siding

Occasionally I write a post that's non-political in nature.  This one is about an old friend who just happens to own a small home improvement company in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.  I have know the owner John, for some 30 years now and had worked for him for about 10 of those years sometime back.  I've known many people during my years on this earth and only a handful I would really trust.  John is one of that small handful.  When is comes to home improvement he knows the business inside and out.  His small company specializes in replacement windows and siding, but will do other types of work in the state of Arkansas.  When the man tells you he will do some you can take it to the bank.  John has no salesmen, as he sees each potential customer himself.  That enables him to keep cost low.  Additionally he runs a one man office--himself, again helping to keep his cost down.  For quality in materials and workmanship as well as low prices it would be hard to find any better.  Sometime back a built a small website for him---I'm not a professional so its nothing fancy.  I did this only because he is an old friend and after all that's what friends are for.  You may visit his site at ARKANSAS WINDOW AND SIDING

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