Poor Wendy Davis, she was born under a bridge

Wendy Davis, a member of the Texas legislature, best known for her filibuster of an anti-abortion law that would have prohibited late term abortions, is now a candidate for governor of that state.  Poor Wendy simply couldn't help herself when she embellished her resume.  Stating she had lived in a trailer park and worked her way through Harvard Law School.  Turns out she did actually live in the trailer park for several months and that it was her rich husband that picked up the tab for her college education, only to be given the boot by Wendy after he made the final payment on her tuition.  Wendy should have told the truth about her roots.  After all she was actually born under a bridge in Austin, to a mother who was unable to afford a late term abortion and who was the second cousin twice removed from Lizza Mae Jones who's, great, great, great aunt was a full blooded African American.  Well perhaps Wendy didn't want to tell the story about her birth beneath that bridge---after all had she been aborted there would be nothing to tell.  End of story.  Thanks to The Peoples Cube for the image on the left.

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